ALOS-2 Archive Price Change

  • 2017年3月31日(金) 10:00

Dear Customers,

New ALOS-2 Archive Price shall be adapted for orders received after April 1st 2017.

<NEW ALOS-2 Archive Price>
Spotlight: ¥400,000
Ultra-Fine: ¥240,000
High-sensitive: ¥240,000
Fine: ¥240,000
High-sensitive (Quad pol): ¥240,000
Fine (Quad pol): ¥240,000
ScanSAR nominal (28Mhz): ¥80,000
ScanSAR nominal (14Mhz): ¥80,000
ScanSAR wide (490km): ¥80,000

New Acquisitions are available with additional ¥150,000 per scene.

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