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The technology to turn monochrome images into color images.

Existing single polarization SAR imagery (see image top) are monochrome, which many of our customers found made it difficult to decipher land surface detail. So RESTEC has come up with a technology that brings SAR imagery closer to the coloration of optical imagery*2, showing the true color of greenery, water surfaces in deep blue, and land in brown-gray. Using this technology, RESTEC will be able to offer you SAR imagery that is easy to decipher, with likely applications in a wide range of fields.

This technology is unique in that it can color one SAR image at a time and does not affect resolution. With the patent under application, RESTEC can claim that this is a world-first technology with regard to coloration technique and full resolution maintenance. RESTEC intends to continue its efforts to widen the applications of satellite imagery using global leading Japanese L-band SAR technology.

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